End Of The Year Thoughts and Pictures!

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I Pray each of you had an amazing Christmas and will be blown away with all the things God is going to do in 2014.

It seems the thing to do at the end of the year is to look back on the year as a whole. For me 2013 has been a year of growing and trusting God in the little things and the big things. God always comes through in providing and guiding me. I launched my photography into a full time business and is now my only means of income!! God has been faith full and brought customers and jobs just when they were needed. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have been able to take this step! I have loved owning my own business over the years and thank God that it has grown to this point!



Learning to trust God to multiply my efforts as I grow my business has been a fun exercise in my faith. I am amazed and blessed as God has opened doors and friendships with my customers over this year! You have all play a part in making this possible and I thank you! If you need a photographer, or know of someone else who does, please drop me an e-mail or give me a call through the Contact Tab.

The year was also the launch of an idea I have had for several years now. Combining photography with missions and sharing the amazing stories of missionaries, life in the mission field, and the people who are coming to know Christ around the world. I covet your prayers as I seek God in this new adventure! There are many opportunities coming up with missions photography and I am excited to see where God will lead with this. To learn more please visit the web site www.focus4missions.org


focus 4 missions logo focus 4 missions logo


2014 is looking to be a year of more growing and trusting as I begin raising support for Focus 4 Missions. My goal is to live off of my photography business and raise support for doing missions photography. As I move forward I know there is nothing I can do in my own strength. God is the provider and I will live in knowing that He will provide.

I am so thankful to God for the protection He gave over this entire year. There were many times when my family and I saw God protection and healing. I am so thankful for my family, they are such and encouragement to me. I would be lost without them and cannot imagine life without them.

I am thankful to all my friends and their friendship. I am a people person and life would not be the same without each of you and our long talks into the nights and the fun memories we have made together! 

I am thankful to each customer of 2013 and the years before! I am thank for for the friendships which have formed through our times together! I thrive on making photographs for you that you will cherish your entire lifetime! You are what makes the good photographs I take great. You inspired me and make me want to do better and surpass expectations! Thank you! 

I pray that you will each seek God with your whole heart and strive to honor Him all you do in this upcoming year!

Thank you for your prayer and support. God bless you all!

Happy New Year!!!! 



Rose Finley

The Focus Photography
Photographing Life's Adventure!

Focus 4 Missions
Photographing the Heart of Missions!


Here are some of my personal highlights from 2013


I got to take my own family's portraits this year! 

Finley Family picturesFinley Family pictures



Here is the serious one. ;-) 


RMF_TFP_9-22-13 (154)RMF_TFP_9-22-13 (154)



And one more! For real this time! I love my family! 


Finley Family picturesFinley Family pictures



I took SCUBA Diving classes this year... AHHHHH!!! 


Scuba Diving ClassScuba Diving Class



Scuba Diving ClassScuba Diving Class



If that wasn't scary enough...I took the Advanced SCUBA class. Yeah so now I can go even deeper.


Scuba Diving ClassScuba Diving Class



Scuba Diving ClassScuba Diving Class



Grandma Green turned 80 and we had a big surprise party for her. Her face when we yelled surprise and when she opened her iPad mini where the same look of shock and excitement! Love you Grandma! 




I planned and led a three day girls Canoe trip down the Juniata River. 




This is what they girls looked like after canoeing 30 miles in one day and carrying 6 canoes and suplies 200 yards up the river bank. They were drained.




I completed my first triathlon! :-D Swimming 0.5 miles, biking 14 miles, and running 3 miles. 


completed my first Triathloncompleted my first Triathlon



The day after a 13 hour wedding and starting the event at 7:30 am we were finished before 10:00 am, went home showered and went to the Sunday morning church service! I finished with a time of 1:51 and was SO tired and hungry for the rest of the day. 


completed my first Triathloncompleted my first Triathlon



completed my first Triathloncompleted my first Triathlon



I completed my first Tough Mudder with some good friends and my brother Gabe! 


completed my First tough muddercompleted my First tough mudder



While in Mexico this year I got to teach some photography techniques to some good friends of mine and got some fun pictures of each other along the way! 


photography workshopphotography workshop



good friendsgood friends



On a missions trip to Mexico with Global Encounters, my team and I hiked in to several remote villages as a scouting trip with the missionary looking for future ministry opportunities! 


remote village in mexcioremote village in mexcio



backpacking in Mexicobackpacking in Mexico



backpacking in Mexicobackpacking in Mexico



I toured our Pennsylvania State Capital for the first time! 




Took a quick and spontaneous trip to Washington DC and got some epic pictures of the monuments. This is one of my favorites! 


jefferson memorial photojefferson memorial photo



I took a record number of trips to Gettysburg for photography this year. One bride and groom shoot, one wedding, two for scenic and landscape, and one couple anniversary shoot!  


Pennsylvania Monument Gettysburg Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Monument Gettysburg Pennsylvania



gettysburg photo shoot bride and groomgettysburg photo shoot bride and groom



gettysburg photo shootgettysburg photo shoot



Last but not least my sister got engaged on Christmas this year! The family will be growing! 


sister engagedsister engaged


A big thank you to all of my photography assistants this year! You are all such a huge help to me and I am so grateful to each of you for putting up with me!! Thank you to my sister Kim, Brother Zay, Sister Hannah, Dad, Friends Monica, Krystal, Steven, and Drew. 


For information on photography please contact me Rose at 717-728-6584 or rose@thefocusphotography.com




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