Your photos are AMAZING!!!!  
The perspective of your shots took me right back to our trip.  
I miss our group and I'm not sure if I will ever experience
anything like that again.  It really was a once in a lifetime experience.
Your camera seems like part of your body and 
watching you use it was fun.  You make it look like it's so easy.    
God Bless,
Hi Rose!
Why do you make this picture thing so difficult!?!?!
We got the discs today and are having a totally
impossible time deciding which is our favorites! 
Love & Prayers,
"Wow Rose! You did an Amazing Job!!!
We love our pictures! Thank you so much!"
"Thanks so much for the Arnon pictures! 
I was not disappointed!  That camera
(and camera woman!) did a good job."
Thank you SO much!!
These were such a treat!!
You have a gifted eye :-)  God is using you!
Thank you again, so much,
I love your web site!
Some really moving pics and do have to say
I really like the way you have caught some of the childrens eyes!
GO GIRL! ! ! !