Portraits are my favorite! 

Portrait sessions are some of my favorite photo shoots. Any portrait session and taking the time to  capture just a moment and a small look into that persons life is exciting to me. From just because we need an updated portrait to seniors graduating from 12 years of school, from a baby's first photo shoot to children and growing families, from when he pops the question and two people become engagement to the special bride and groom photo shoot. These are the moments we treasure forever and look back on fondly! 


Lasting a lifetime!

Each of those moments becomes a memory we share with others for the rest of out lives. When a new baby is born many moments are spent comparing whether or not the baby looks more like mom or dad. The baby photos come out and are compared. As the baby grows up photos are taken to capture every moment of embarrassment, victory, and accomplishment. When it is time to graduate the hundreds, if not thousands of photos come out and are shown off once again. When she/he brings home their boyfriend/girlfriend, the albums and all the embarrassing photos come out. The circle never ends photos are a huge part in all of our lives. They are a window that brings life to a story and past season in life. 

Photos are timeless and will be carried to generation after generation. As a photographer in a digital world. I am guilty of the evil hording of digital files. They get buried in my phone, on my hard drive, and tucked away in an every growing data pool of images never to be printed and shown in at of those special occasions. 


A new addition to photo shoots!

After much thought and consideration to better serve you as my customer and friend, I have changed over what my photography packages include. To insure that you get the best quality customer service and highest quality photos that will last through those generations. The Focus Photography now has a presentation and ordering appointment scheduled for after your portrait session or photo shoot. 


So how does this work?

The presentation and ordering appointment takes place after the photo shoot at any location of your choice. We sit down together and you get to see the photos from your session for the first time! Bring along anyone who will also be doing any purchasing or who will have a say in the purchasing. This is where you will get the chance to choose your gallery photos to be made into canvas prints or prints, and choose your custom options for your photo album!!!


Your products are on the way!

Once you have made your choices I take care of all the details of getting your purchases created, ordered, and shipped right to your door! All you have left to do is put the nail in the wall and hang your art for your family, friends, and guests, to drool over!